Investing in real estate is considered the main vehicle for the acquisition of the Cypriot Passport, thus EU Citizenship. It constitutes a simple and straight-forward procedure that takes up to 3 months to completion (fastest in the EU).


Free movement within the EU; travel, live, work

Travel visa-free to more than 140 countries

Passed on to family members; spouse and dependant children

Not tax resident, unless spent more than 183 days in the Republic

Not compulsory to reside in Cyprus prior or after the obtainment of the Cypriot passport

Wide range of investments - property, bonds, shares, bank deposits, your own business!

Original passport retained, allowing for dual citizenship

No language tests required

Right to rent the permanent residence in Cyprus

Right to sell the permanent residence, conditional that an equivalent residence is purchased


  • Clean criminal record
  • Documents; birth certificate, marriage certificate and passport pictures
  • Privately owned property in Cyprus of at least 500,000 EUR (contract of sale, receipts of payment at the agreed price)
  • Investment in Bonds or Securities of Cyprus companies, or Real Estate.
  • Investment to be kept just for 3 years!

Individual Investor Scheme

  • Investment of 2 million EUR, ex. VAT
  • Purchase of an additional property of at least 500,000 EUR, unless already included in the investment amount or is made on a single residential only property worth 2 million EUR – whereby the requirement for the purchase of an additional property is waived.

Collective Investment Scheme

  • Minimum of 5 grouped applicants
  • Investment of at least 2 million EUR per applicant
  • Purchase of property of at least 500,000 EUR + VAT per applicant, unless the grouped investment includes a single residential property worth at least 2.5 million EUR – whereby the requirement for the purchase of additional property is waived.

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