Pavlos Theocharous Properties offers an extensive personalised service to all clients having invested in Cypriot property. We understand that placing your home back on the market is a trivial decision that might be motivated by a need to relocate or as to exploit market opportunity, hence we are obliged to inform you that by selling comes a focal conclusion that underlies mountainous efforts to execute in full.

Rest assured that our company will utilise its broad network of real estate and other industry associates in order to narrow down to the single client that meets your requirements, in terms of both timing and pricing considerations. Whether that being residential property at the high-end spectrum or office facilities in the heart of town; we treat all of our clients within a tailored approach that embraces transparency in communications and faithful representation - aimed at mitigating opportunistic behaviour. We make sure that as a potential seller you are not standardised as the price-taker through our proclivity to negotiate and appropriate incentives.

Please note that professionals will be allowed to access your property, accompanied by a member of our staff, and any liaising with potential clients can be trustingly delegated with our organisation.